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Reconsidering Teachers’ Identities and Ideological Influences on Pedagogical Practice Within the Classroom

Maravillo-Cano,Joanna; Morales, P. Zitlali (March, 2015) Reconsidering Teachers’ Identities and Ideological Influences on Pedagogical Practice Within the Classroom

Given the continuing increase of English learner (EL) students in the public school system over the past two decades, teachers need to gain a better understanding of ELs’ identity-shaping experiences. Martin (2012) suggests giving attention to the development of children as mathematical learners and consider their mathematics socialization and identity-shaping experiences. In line with this lens, we explore how teachers negotiate their own identity while in the classroom. Presenters will share findings from a professional development program where teachers draw on their English learner students’ funds of knowledge to develop curriculum focusing on math and science content areas. Specifically, we present narratives of two teachers reflecting on their own experiences as students, to explore the formation of their mathematical and EL identities, and how those identities currently inform their pedagogical practice.  We use critical discourse analysis to investigate teachers’ construction of and narration of identity—both inside and outside of the classroom. In examining classroom interactions and teacher talk, in which narratives are embedded, we explore the potential and value of discourse analysis explicitly tied to a sociological analysis of how educational knowledge, competence, and curriculum contribute to the differential production of power and subjectivity. Particularly looking at the way in which the negotiation of knowledge, identity, and social relations influence everyday patterns of institutional life. We will share information about how teachers participate in this professional development program,  implications of this work for continuing teacher education, and strategies for other teachers currently working with EL students.

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