New Lines of Research at NCTE-AR

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Zitlali Morales, Beverly Troiano, and Joseph Rumenapp present new research developments and Aria Razfar discusses insights for research on multilingualism in education at the NCTE-AR midwinter conference in Elmhurst, IL.

New Lines of Research at NCTE-AR

Team members from ELMSA, including director Aria Razfar, Beverly Troiano, Joseph Rumenapp, and Zitlali Morales, attended the National Council of Teachers of English Assembly for Research midwinter conference at Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, IL. Early in the day on January 11, 2014, Dr. Morales presented a paper entitled "Negotiating Non-Standard Language Practices with the Expectations of Developing Math and Science Literacies of the Common Core," tracing a new line of research in the symposium "Examining Bi(Multi)lingual Students’ Expansive Discourses: Consequences for Teaching and Learning in an Age of Common Core."  Other speakers included Dr. Mariana Pacheco, University of Wisconsin, Madison and Dr. Danny C. Martinez, University of California Davis, with Dr. Razfar serving as a discussant for this symposium. After delivering an impassioned synthesis of the panel's research and encouraging researchers to attend to the language ideologies research, he urged the field to move beyond reductionist views of "monolingualism" and equally as dangerous reductionist views of "multilingualism." Faculty and graduate students from around the country were inspired by the message and implications of the research presented. Professor Laurie Katz, Ohio State University, stated that the research and message of the symposium  was taking how we think about language and language learners "to a whole other level."

Later, Drs. Troiano and Rumenapp presented their work in progress entitled “Mentors” Facilitating a Third Space: The Role of Teacher Researchers in an Inservice Education Program" at a roundtable.  This new line of research extends on lessons learned from LSciMAct and ELMSA by studying how teacher researchers may become mentors to bridge the traditional gap between university coursework and elementary classrooms.  They are examining how this new type of mentorship for inservice teachers may look and what the "teacher research" perspective can provide in a "third-space" environment.  A great discussion ensued with Drs. Razfar and Morales participating, giving Troiano and Rumenapp next steps in developing this research.

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