LSciMAct Presents at NCTE in Boston

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Beverly Troiano, Joseph Rumenapp, Lillian Degand, and KayCee Militante present findings at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention in Boston.

About a year ago, Dr. Beverly Troiano had conceptualized a powerful panel bringing together two teacher research teams, one from Chicago and another from Boston, to present on the usefulness of action research in redefining English Language instruction.   This came to fruition at the 2013 Annual Convention for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) in Boston. The LSciMAct crew partnered with Dr. Denise Patmon, a researcher from the University of Massachusets – Boston, Gary Bechtold of Boston Public Schools, and Deborah Smith-Arnous of Boston Public Schools to present in a session entitled “Re-Inventing English Language Instruction through Teacher Research.”

Drs. Troiano and Rumenapp framed the LSciMAct tools used in teacher action research by demonstrating how they supported the dynamic professional development program embodied by LSciMAct and now ELMSA.  Grounding the tools in theories of Collaborative Action Research (Oja & Smulyan, 1989) and Language Socialization (Ochs, 1986), Troiano and Rumenapp conceptualized the importance of teachers’ reflections on language use in their classrooms.  Lillian Degand and KayCee Militante, both affiliated with LSciMAct and ELMSA, presented their work by demonstrating the use of discourse analytic techniques in re-inventing the teaching of English.

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